Melbourne Exhibition – Venezuelan Artist Gustvo Echeverria

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Melbourne Art Exhibition

Ladies of the Magic Kingdom of Atlantis by Gustavo Echeverria

Gustavo is a well-known Venezuelan artist and is bringing his work to Australia for the first time and will be share the stories behind his work and his personal life.

Goddesses and Muses of the legend Kingdom of the ATLANTIDA, came back to share protection to human kind, their homes, and their children, with good will, Love, and compassion for their Souls in search of peace and spiritual awakening.

“My Religion is to have a good Heart, my Paintings are MEMORIES, FEELINGS – NOT IMAGES. It isn’t the Mind that creates Beautiful Works. It’s the SOUL.  You don’t need anything to be Spiritual… you Already are!”  Gustavo Echeverria

Victor Holder of 4Dverse, says

4Dverse Hub and myself are honoured and happy to support Gustavo Echeverria for his return by putting this exhibition of his amazing work Lucky Ladies of Atlantis a small mythical illustrations series that he brought to Australia to share his stories and to hopefully sell it and support his trip and his daily life back home.

St Kilda Art Tours will be visiting 4Dverse as part of our Precinct 1 walking tour on Saturday 23rd of March.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]